What does Reception Pit mean ?

What does Reception Pit mean ?

One of the equipment used at the reception is Pit. Pit is pronounced as pit bucket or Folio Pit.

The word pit has no special meaning. This equipment, which is used by bringing together many files, is visible at the reception desk and should be in a comfortable place to use and access.

Reception PIT Bucket

Pit bucket is used to organise the paperwork at the reception desk. There is a file for each room. After the guest’s room is determined and checked in, the pit equipment is used for all existing documents such as the guest’s reservation correspondence about the hotel, hotel registration form.

Guest’s registration form, company correspondence, reservation documents, signed expenses and bills are protected and organised in these files. When each room is reserved, the file is emptied and the invoice copy and other documents are sent to accounting. At the top, the amount paid by the guest and a copy of the bank pos are also placed. In large hotels, these documents belonging to the room leaving the pit are put in an envelope and closed to be given to accounting. In front of the envelope is the receptionist’s cash register.

Since the signatures and correspondence from the reservation stage and during the guest’s stay in the hotel may become important when you least expect it, all information about the room is kept by accounting for a certain period of time. In accounting, the retention period of documents is 10 years.

Hotels are obliged to keep the documents of their customers during their stay. These documents include identity.


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