Hotel Bellboy Responsibilities

Bellboy Duties – Carrying Suitcases

Helping the guest to carry their luggage and register luggage tags

The duty of the bellboy in hotels is not just to carry suitcases. Bellboy is a very important employee for the hotel. His most noble duty is to help the reception staff, and to try to help them by making eye contact with all the guests entering the lobby, as their eyes are always on the door. All the guests who enter during the day may not stay at the hotel. Some come for the restaurant, some come to pick up the remaining guests, etc. The first thing they meet is the bellboys before the reception. That’s why it’s the bellboys’ other duty to make eye contact and communicate with everyone who enters. Not everyone can be a bellboy, education and experience are very important in this regard. They should have the skills to solve problems as soon as possible.

Other duties and some tricks of the bellboys are as follows;

  • Carefully transporting guest belongings and suitcases to the luggage trolley, It should be used if the guest’s belongings are too large to be carried by hand in the luggage trolley. Therefore, it would be better to go upstairs to the room by communicating with the departing room guests and asking about the number of suitcases.
  • It is necessary to observe the guest’s belongings well, especially when loading or unloading the guest’s vehicle, to confirm the count and to ensure that the luggage is not forgotten anywhere.
  • Check and note on a coupon the guest’s belongings and luggages. Be sure to write the room number and short name on them. Because even a specified room number can change later. Guests may have to search their luggage. When the guest’s room is not ready, one copy of the coupon must be put in the suitcases. The guest’s check-in date must be the bellboy’s name or initials.
  • The guest’s hand-held clothing items must be hung on the hanger in the luggage trolley,
  • The luggage trolley must be faultless, complete and well-maintained,
  • Luggage cart should be in the immediate vicinity of the reception so that it can be easily accessed when requested.
  • The guest should definitely confirm whether the correct items and their numbers are complete, and make sure that the guest has bought the correct items.
  • When handing over the luggage to the guest, the receipts given beforehand should be taken back, and be gentle while doing them.
  • For the items left, the details of the guest and when he will come back should be written.




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