Why does housekeeping use color-coded cleaning cloths and buckets?

I would like to emphasize how important the cleaning cloths used in housekeeping are.

For those who know, these cloths are colored. The reason is that they play a vital role in preventing major hazards in the hotel.

We personally experienced how using the wrong cleaning cloth can create a great danger. Our housekeeping staff made a mistake in mixing the colored cloths and used a red cloth to clean the kitchen. That evening, many of our guests working in the restaurant were taken to the emergency room with stomach ailments. This incident reminded us once again how important it is to choose and use the cleaning cloth correctly.

This is where colorful cleaning cloths and buckets come into play.

It is very important that the cleaning cloths are colorful, not only for them to look pleasing to the eye, but also for us to make a hygienic cleaning. Yes, you heard that right! By using different colored cleaning cloths, we can prevent the spread of germs and bacteria in different areas.

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For example, red cloths are often used for cleaning bathrooms and toilets. Red symbolizes danger and reminds us that these areas are high bacteria areas. By using a red cloth in your toilet and bathroom, you can isolate these areas from other places. Yellow cloths are ideal for the kitchen and food preparation areas. In order to prevent cross-contamination, it is quite common to use yellow cloths for cleaning surfaces that come into contact with food. Blue cloths are indispensable for general cleaning in common living areas such as halls and living rooms. You can use them to clean floors, tables and other surfaces. Green Cloths is usually used in areas that require hygiene but are not as frequently soiled as other areas; it may be suitable for cleaning the bedroom.

The biggest advantage of cleaning with colored cloths is that they allow you to differentiate between various areas in terms of hygiene. Using each cloth only for a specific area greatly reduces the risk of bacteria and germs being carried and ensures more effective cleaning. For example, a cloth used for cleaning in the toilet should not be used in other areas.

As with the cleaning cloths, the cleaning buckets are also colored for ease of use and hygiene. Let’s take a closer look at the world of these practical buckets.

colorful wipes and bucketsThe red bucket is usually reserved for cleaning toilets and bathrooms. By using the red bucket with a red cloth, you can ensure maximum hygiene in the bathroom and toilet areas. This prevents the transfer of germs to other areas. The yellow bucket for kitchen cleaning is ideal for dealing with grease and food residues. By using it together with yellow cloths, you can clean your kitchen more effectively and hygienically.

Blue buckets for cleaning shared living spaces are perfect for large and useful cleaning areas. They can be used in coordination with blue cloths for cleaning surfaces in places such as living rooms and living rooms. Green buckets can be used in less dirty areas and in places that need to be cleaned less frequently, for example in bedrooms, where you can easily maintain hygiene with green buckets and cloths.

One of the biggest advantages of color-coded cleaning cloths and buckets is that they are practical and make it easier for employees or people cleaning at home. The use of colors in such a systematic way allows each user to perform a more organized and conscious cleaning. With this system, we also avoid confusion during cleaning by using colored products designated for a specific area.

Cleaning with colored cloths and buckets not only maintains order in your workspace, but also helps you keep your health at the highest level. Enjoy the power of color to create a more hygienic and tidy living space!

Cleaning has never been so fun and easy. Remember, each color is there to clean a different area and each color is the key to hygiene in your workplace!

Happy cleaning!



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