How to find a new hotel name ?

When new children are born, the Chinese throw pots on the ground and name them according to the sound they make. “Chang, Ching, Chong.”

Of course, this is a joke… Identifying a hotel name is very different. A hotel name can represent the region, it can represent the service within the hotel, etc etc … There are some criteria to determine this. And the name is really decisive for the guests if they don’t know the region. So how do we find a new hotel name?

Experience and Location

The name of your hotel should summarize the experience you want to offer or its location. For example, if your hotel is near a beach, words like beach, coast, sea are appealing. Similarly, if you are aiming for a luxury experience, pre-words such as elite, grand, or premier can be used.

Make it easy to remember

A simple memorable name is easier for customers to remember. Avoid overly complex or long names that may be difficult to spell or remember. A catchy name is an important asset in word-of-mouth marketing.

Easy to pronounce

While it’s important to stand out, you also want to make sure the name is easy to pronounce – a name that is too unusual or difficult to pronounce can be off-putting to potential guests.

Consider the Wide Contact Area

Be careful about cultural meanings and connotations. A hotel name that works well in one language or culture may have negative connotations in another. Aim for a name that appeals to a broad audience and doesn’t offend any cultural sensitivities.

Check Domain Name Availability

In today’s digital age, having an online presence is essential. Check if the domain name for your chosen hotel name is available. It is beneficial to have a website address that matches the name of your hotel for ease of online marketing and branding.

Legal Compliance

Make sure that the name you choose is not already trademarked or used by another business. Doing a thorough legal check can save you from potential legal issues in the future.

How should guests feel?

Think about the impression you want to leave with your guests. Do you want them to feel luxurious, relaxed and peaceful, on an adventurous vacation? Your name should appeal to these emotions.

Analyze Competitors

Study competitor hotel names. This can help you see where the market is heading and understand which names are more appealing. It can also guide you in choosing a name that is unique and stands out.

Assess Relevance to Your Customer Audience

Determine which type of guests you want your hotel to attract. Names targeting specific demographics such as family vacationers, business travelers, honeymooners or young travelers may differ. Try to choose a name that will attract and appeal to this group.

Visual and Auditory Image

Consider the visual and auditory image of your name. How it looks on the logo and how it sounds when used verbally is as important as its written form. Choosing a name that is visually pleasing and sounds good will strengthen your brand identity.

Get Feedback

Feel free to ask for feedback on the names you come up with. Get general feedback from family, friends or your target audience. This is important to see how the name resonates with potential customers.

Think Long Term

The choice of your hotel’s name should not only address the present but also the future. The name will be one of the elements that add value to your hotel in the long term and increase your brand awareness. It should also be suitable for new projects and expansion plans. For example, if you plan to expand your business in another city or abroad in the future, flexibility and universality should be at the forefront of your name choice.

Technological Compatibility and Social Media

Consider the usability of the name choice on social media and various digital platforms to establish a presence in the digital world. Consider using your chosen name on social media accounts (@oteladi), mobile app names or digital advertising campaigns. Technological compatibility is an important factor that strengthens your brand’s online presence.

History and Culture of the Region

If your hotel is located in a historically or culturally rich area, choosing a name that reflects these characteristics can be very appealing. For example, using the name of a famous historical figure or event in the city can reinforce your hotel’s cultural and historical ties.

Word Games and Creativity

You can create creative hotel names using engaging and fun puns. An original and humorous approach can leave a lasting impression on your guests’ minds. However, make sure that these games are at a level that the target audience can understand and appreciate.

Motto and Slogans

When choosing a name, consider whether it aligns with a motto or slogan that reflects your hotel’s mission and vision. Consistency between name and motto ensures a strong and clear representation of your brand.

In conclusion, choosing a hotel name is an important process that requires careful consideration and creative thinking. By considering the above criteria, it is possible to choose a name that best represents the identity of your hotel and will leave a positive impression on your guests. A good hotel name not only attracts guests, but also increases brand value and ensures the long-term success of your business. Therefore, it is a decision that needs to be thought about and time spent. I wish you to find the perfect hotel name that will increase your success and attract your guests.


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