Hotel uniform standards for men

The importance of clean and correct dressing in hotel management

Stylish appearance is vital for success in the hospitality industry. It improves the quality of our personal behaviour towards guests. The correct way of reacting is based primarily on respect and humility. Employees have the capacity to communicate well with guests.

The importance of dressing well in the hospitality industry

– A polished appearance is vital for success in the hospitality industry.
– It improves the quality of our personal behaviour towards others.
– The correct way of responding is primarily associated with respect and humility.
– It is similar to normal standards in society.
– It enables others to place you on a higher pedestal in their eyes.
– Has the capacity to bond well with others.
– Has the capacity to enforce ethical law on a teamguests

Uniform and clothing

– It is very important that uniforms are changed regularly and checked for any missing parts.
– If buttons are missing, contact the Housekeeping Uniform Room
– Must wear neatly washed hair, polished shoes, clean ironed uniforms with a new name badge.
– Socks need to be changed every day.
– Earrings, beards and moustaches are prohibited for male staff.
– Perfume / aftershave deodorant / Eau de toilette may be used but not so much as to be offensive.
– Light cosmetics in colours that complement the uniform and skin tones may be used.
– Brushing teeth every day and always smiling is really important for hotel businesses. You can use breath fresheners if necessary.
– Men’s hair should be short and well combed so that it does not extend below the collar or over the ears. Avoid excessive use of hairspray and gel, as this can make the hair look stiff and unnatural.

The clothes we wear in daily life and special occasions are of great importance as they reflect not only our style but also our quality. Dressing stylishly is not just about choosing high-priced products; it is all the details from the material used to the cleaning of the clothes. We can shape our style by choosing dresses that we can use for a long time at affordable prices. Especially hotels are more careful when choosing staff uniforms. If the dresses should not be worn in different seasons, dresses with long-term use, resistant to dry cleaning more than once, and with spares should be selected. In recent years, trousers and vest textile groups for personnel working without jackets are selected as lycra.

Why should employees dress smartly at the hotel?

– The appearance of our clothes is a preliminary perception: The first impression is very important, beautiful clothing and clean clothes, complete parts and shoes in the face of guests positively affect communication.
– We Look Better: The choice of clothing shows the body lines more advantageous, the fit of the dress on the body makes us look good.
– Our Personal Respect Increases: Psychologically, choosing stylish clothing pieces positively affects one’s perspective, increases our happiness and self-confidence.
– Clothes reflect the identity of the hotel: Employees’ uniforms, design colour and harmony attract the attention of guests. Especially in the first impression, quality uniforms determine the quality of the hotel.
– Should be Worn Longer: Hotel employees will constantly buy freshly washed clothes from the uniform room in order to get clean and tidy uniforms. Shirts and dresses should be suitable for frequent washing and cleaning. The fabrics of quality clothes can be used for a long time thanks to their durability and strong seams. Therefore, in terms of quality clothing, the hotel management will need to make sensitive choices in this regard.
– A Good First Impression: Good selection of uniforms will have positive effects not only on appearance but also on the psychology of the person. It has advantages such as making hotel employees feel better, a successful first impression, and gaining confidence in the hotel image.
– Confidence: If the staff is well dressed, it increases their self-confidence.

– Express Yourself: The hotel’s choice of uniform reflects the image, style and character of the business.
– Uniform attracts attention: Employees are quickly recognised by guests through their uniforms.
The impact of a beautiful and quality appearance on other people and the value of the first impression is invaluable. Dressing nicely makes people take you more seriously, increases their confidence and leaves an impression of respect for the people around you.



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