How to do spot check in the hotel industry?

In hotel management, spot check means instant control or instant inspection. These inspections are usually unannounced and are carried out to check the general condition of the hotel, the staff, the cleanliness and maintenance of the restaurant or rooms. Hotel management or officials ensure that hotel policies are being properly implemented at regular intervals or on an ad-hoc basis. Spot check is an important inspection to ensure quality control in the hotel and increase guest satisfaction.

This practice aims to control and create opportunities for improvement in various areas such as cleanliness, maintenance, quality control, guest satisfaction and compliance. It is used to monitor the functioning of the hotel more closely, to take corrective measures when necessary, and to use the results to give feedback to departmental staff and identify training needs.

Spot checks are usually carried out in the evening or at night when department managers are not present. Checks start from the most secluded areas and include kitchens, storerooms, restaurants and rooms. In addition, the hotel perimeter, lobby, restrooms and public areas are checked by assessing the situation with employees.

During the spot check, the cash flow in the restaurant cash registers is checked and many inaccuracies and errors can be observed. Many details such as food preparation process compliance with hygiene standards, personal hygiene standards of the staff, food presentation, service speed, food storage conditions, communication with guests, adequacy of the number of employees, control of tickets and checks, suitability of clothing, service quality, presence of alcoholic employees, and occupancy rate of rooms and safe control at the reception.

The following steps can be followed in the spot check process:

Taking an instant list of employees
Checking whether there are any absent employees
Checking the condition of the overall hotel
Monitoring employee performance
Checking the cleanliness and hygiene standards of the restaurant
Checking the cleanliness and maintenance of the rooms
Monitoring guest satisfaction level
Ensuring quality control
Checking for compliance
Starting from the most secluded parts of the hotel and visiting the kitchen, storerooms, restaurant and rooms
Checking toilets and public areas
Controlling cash flows at the cash registers in the restaurant
Observation of the food preparation process
Controlling personal hygiene standards of personnel in the kitchen
Examination of the presentation and service of food
Controlling food storage conditions
Observation of staff communication with guests
Checking whether there are enough employees
Checking the checks in the restaurant cash register
Checking the clothes of the employees
Ensuring that adequate service is provided to guests
Controlling the presence of alcoholic employees
Checking the occupancy rate of the rooms and the safe at the reception.

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