It Is A Large Order To Run A Restaurant


It is a large order to run a restaurant


One of the most important factors to ensure success is to know what type of restaurant you are going to run during settlement stage. Before you start running your restaurant, you should determine your target customers and form an idea in your mind on what kind of dishes to cook accordingly.

Fund should also be taken into consideration.Kitchenware, expenditures for decoration and personnel. Whether restaurant Works well or not, some particular expenses should be paid regularly.

It is necessary to invest in the chef in refreshments facilities. An ordinary cook can cook ordinary dishes such as rice, grill and meat. You should employ a Professional chef who has a good command of cookery, employ one chef as long as possible. You should be selective on this issue. The chef has a fundamental role in the restaurant. Since he is the one to identify the quality of the dishes and restaurant. When your choice is wrong, it will be risky to change the chef later in terms of hotel’s image.

Today, people prefer restaurants which serve special, unusual dishes and they prefer dishes which haven’t been tasted before; which are masterpieces in terms of appearance and service. This makes a chef’s job more difficult. They are preparing plates as decorated as paintings. You do not have the heart to look, touch and eat the dishes. Gastronomy is another important issue. It is necessary to serve easy-to-digest, low cholesterol dishes to guests. A chef should also be a cost specialist. He is expected to cook cost-efficient and delicious dishes and increase profitability.

The quality of sevice is another important issue. It cannot be guaranteed by waiters’ wearing dress suits or serving with silver trays. Good service, favour and sympathy are important from the point of customer. Service personnel should know the customers’ expectations and fulfil them. While opening a restaurant, you need to do the following assessments:

. Location

. Feasibility study

. Project design

. Determination and settlement of decoration

. Recruitment of cook and other personnel

. Determination of the restaurant and kitchen equipment and its provision

. Sales and marketing

. Employee training

. Quality maintenance studies

. Customer satisfaction studies

. Advertisements, sales and promotion.



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