The Duties and Responsibilities of A Waiter

A waiter/chef de rang is responsible for taking orders and serving food or beverages to guests in dining establishments.

  • Works during the time arranged by authorities.
  • Wears a uniform. Always looks clean and presentable.
  • Prepares the Restaurant and tables before the service starts.
  • Attends the briefing arranged before the service.
  • Always has a polite, friendly, helpful attitude towards the guest.
  • Is always calm.
  • Helps the guests he seated and while they are leaving.
  • Advise the guests drinks to go with the dishes they choose. Tries to increase the amount of sales.
  • Delivers the guests’ order to the kitchen/bar.
  • Takes the prepared dishes and beverages from the kitchen/bar and serves them.
  • Watches the tables he is responsible for closely and takes action to correct any problems.
  • Tracks the bills of tables, takes them to the cashier/collects payments from guests.
  • Performs his duties quickly, never leaves the hotel during the service,
  • During the intervals of service and after the service, cleans the tables, changes service tools.
  • Sends/takes the dirty service tools to the dish washing area.
  • Performs any other duties assigned on time properly.
  • Reports the basic necessities such as cleaning/repairs to his superior.
  • Receives guest complaints and conveys them to the chef of the restaurant.
  • Attends the daily, weekly and monthly meetings arranged.
  • Is sensitive about hygene and health matters.
  • Checks supplies regularly, restocks the necessities from the store on authorities’ say.
  • Guides his pace well, is answerable to the chef.
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