Responsibilities Of A Gardener

Department : Gardening

Position        : Gardener

Duties            : To look after the plants in the green fields, applies pesticides, re/plants flowers and cares about them


Job Description :

. Comes to work on time,

. Always looks clean and tidy; wears a uniform,

. Is always helpful and friendly; respetcful towards his superiors,

. Waters, fertilizes and hoes the land prunes the plants, picks up the weeds according to his Schedule,

. Plants the plants and trees purchased at certain times,

. Applies pesticides according to the procedure in periods determined by the head gardener,

. Keeps his equipment and supplies safe and reports the missing items to his superior,

. Cleans the environment without leaving any rubbish at the end of working hours,

. Cleans all the green fields in the facility,

. Is attentive to any potential issues which might threaten human Security and reports them to his superiors if there are any,

. Performs all the duties required by his superiors.


Works Under         : Head-gardener, House Keeper, The Manager

Education                 : High school and equivalent technical high school

Foreign Language : Basic Business English Knowledge

Working Hours       : In The Morning

Experience                 : Minimum 2 years