Hotel Laundry




Much of a guest’s overall impression of the hotel relates to its cleanliness. Therefore Housekeeping associates-one of which is hotel laundry-play a crucial role in ensuring an exceptional guest experience. Housekeeping and Laundry try to provide guests with clean and comfortable accommadation. From fresh bed linens to towels, he hotel personnel should be committed to maintain high-quality and cleanliness standarts at all times.


In running or newly opened hotels, it is often considered to run a laundry within the hotel. However, the issue should be handled with care and a feasibility study has to be done. The cost of the laundry personnel, chemical materials, wahing machines and fixed charges will cause extra expenditures. The hotel should be a middle-sized one (with minimum100 rooms) to be able to cover the expenses so it is highly advised to counsel experts and get Professional help before making a decision. You might ask the chemical material suppliers to be sponsor for you.


Laundry within the Hotel


When the laundry within the hotel, the cycle of operation will flow faster, supervision will be easier and the quality of linens and towels will be protected well.




A laundry within the hotel will take up too much space.

Smaller hotels(ones with fewer than 100 rooms) will find difficult to cover the expenses.

A huge amount of capital will be required for the equipment and machines so the return of the investment will take time.

The repair and maintenance of the equipment and machines will cause a certain amount of expense.

You will have to train the personnel on the use of the machines and their responsibilities.

Laundry operations will increase electricity, water and natural gas expenses.

Chemical materials will involve expenses.

Personnel will be another source of expenses.

Having Laundry Operations Done Outside the Hotel


You will have to pay only for the laundry you send.

You will not suffer from fixed expenses.

You will hand over responsibilty to someone else.

You will be able to use the space that will be occupied by the laundry more effectively by allocating it for a facility that will earn Money.

You will not have to deal with laundry operations.



You will have to supervise the laundry traffic closely.

There might be faults in supervision.

There might be losses.

It might be difficult to count and fold the items when the cleaned items arrive in a great number.

It will not be easy to go over the cleaned items one by one and eliminate the soiled ones.

It might be difficult a suitable laundry company that will match with your costs. Perhaps, you will have to try a few companies until you find the right one.




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