Who is a sommelier? What does a restaurant sommelier do?

A sommelier is a professional specializing in wine. Imagine, all they do is wine! They can work in restaurants or hotels and their main job is to be responsible for everything related to wine. For example, they help us decide which wine to choose. But that’s not their only job, they actually have a lot of jobs.

The job description and responsibilities of a sommelier are quite extensive. First of all, wine selection and menu creation is one of the most basic tasks. They prepare, update and expand the wine menu of the restaurant or hotel. They select wines in different price ranges and taste profiles so that there is something to suit everyone’s palate.

By the way, they don’t just prepare the menu; product knowledge and education is also an important area. They keep themselves up to date on the origin, grape varieties, production processes and flavor profiles of wines. They pass this knowledge on to restaurant staff and customers. So if you work in a restaurant, it is possible to feel like a real expert on wine thanks to what the sommelier tells you!

Inventory management is also one of the main responsibilities of sommeliers. They manage the wine stocks, ensure that the wines are procured and keep the inventory up to date. The sommelier keeps track of which wines are in stock, which are sold out or about to be sold out. They also take the necessary measures to maintain the freshness and quality of the wines.

Another great thing about them is their knowledge and skills in food and wine pairing. Matching food with wine is a mixture of art and science. Sommeliers can recommend the best wine for a client’s chosen dish or determine which wine will go best with a dish. This makes the customer’s dining experience even more enjoyable.

They also have a very important role in terms of customer service. They offer wine tastings, help customers with their wine choices and generally ensure customer satisfaction. They are prepared for all kinds of wine-related questions and requests. So they are there to answer your questions like “How does this wine taste?” or “Which wine goes well with this dish?”.

Wine service is also an area where sommeliers excel. They ensure that the wines are served at the right temperature and in the right way. They are masters of detailed service methods such as opening, pouring and decanting the wines. In this way, they ensure that the wines taste their best.

Of course, they also play a big role in sales and marketing. They develop and implement strategies to increase wine sales for the restaurant or hotel. They try to spread wine culture by organizing special wine nights, tasting events and promotional activities.

And of course they are constantly following the latest trends in the wine world, production techniques and new wine producers. So they have to keep themselves up to date. It’s a very educational and immersive job, isn’t it?

In conclusion, being a sommelier is not only about knowing a lot about wine. You also need to be skilled in many areas such as customer service, sales and marketing, inventory management and training. If this topic sounds interesting and you are curious, I think being a sommelier can be a good career choice. Not only do you make people’s dining experiences more enjoyable, but you also have the chance to explore and share a rich culture like wine.



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