Turndown Service is a hotel service in which a room is cleaned and refreshed by the housekeeping personnel, the bed linen is turned down for sleeping. By virtue of this service, the guest is not bothered by preparing the bed for sleeping drawing the drapes. When the bed cover is folded and put away furnishings will not be worn out. In this way, the hotel will economise on dry cleaning expense. However, the main purpose of turndown service is guest satisfaction. The service is described below in detail but not all the hotels perform all the stages of the service or the service is performed when the guest demands.

Turndown service is performed by housekeeping personnel who work in evening shift or turndown service personnel.

Turndown Service;

The evening boy takes the status report of the floor from the desk. Takes the floor key/card and signs for it. Takes a round of the floor corridor to maintain it clean and tidy. Vacant rooms to be serviced from 06:00 PM onwards. By 10:00 PM turn down service has to be finished.

Enter the guest room;

Announce yourself before entering the guest room. Do not enter the rooms which have DND (Do not disturb)

Turndown The Bed;

Enter the room, empty dustbin and asthrays. Remove bed cover, fold it and place it in the luggage rack drawer. Remove extra pillows and place them in the luggage rack drawer. Make 90 angles with the quilt. Spread the foot mat on the side of the bed. (the side where the corner is made) put slippers on top of the mat. Always give turn down from the telephone side. For double occupancy, both corners should be made.

Place Turn Down Amenities;

According to the hotel procedure, place turndown amenities on the bed. (E.g.: flower, chocolate, an info card for weather report etc.) Turn on the bedside lamp.

Tidy the guest room;

Look around the room and tidy anything that is out of order. Remove any service tray, dishes and move them to the service pantry. Empty the trash cans and replace the wastebasket liners. If the room has VIP service, replace the service and ice. Do a quick vacuum if required.

Tidy the bathroom;

Replace the used towels. Wipe the vanity area if required. Replace the bathing towel if required. Clear the dustbin if used.

Create A Pleasant Atmosphere;

Turn on the bedside lamps. Close the drapes. Draw the curtains so that there is no light coming from the corners or center. Set the air condition temperature to what was set by the guest. Set Hi-Fi/radio so that it plays low voice music. Double check eveything, lock the room before you leave. Update the status report.



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