Basic Principles Of Service At A Restaurant



Basic Principles Of Service At A Restaurant

. Guests should be welcome at the door. Service Professional should always smile, ask if the guest has a reservation. If so, the name should be checked in the reservation list and the guest should be addressed with his/her name from then on,

. The Professional should help the guest be seated during that time, the range should be neither too far nor too close,

. There should not be anything missing on the covers at the tables, the standards should be obeyed precisely, the cutlery, salt cellor, napkin dispenser, dishes and glasses should be put in order accordingly,

. The waiter should know the food and beverages menus, their contents and cooking methods well. Before he starts serving, he should learn about specialties such as “Soup of the day” from the kitchen, In addition, he should know about the dishes which appear on the menu but are not avaliable in the kitchen so that he can recommend the right dishes.

. Before the guest starts dining, he should be served appetizers so that he can make use of his time well. Most of the time, butter or olive oil is offered since they are digestible,

. The waiter should be knowledgeable about the dishes and beverages and recommend the guest during ordering, inform the guest about the cooking time,

. The waiter should monitor the dishes after the orders are transferred to the kitchen, the guest should not be waited for a long time; timing is highly important. The orders should be serviced as they should be. Appetizers, hot and cold starters “amuse-gueule” salads, main dishes, desserts, tea-coffee should be served respectively.

. Dishes should be served at optimum temperatures, hot meals should be hot; cold starters should be cold.

. The appearance of the dishes on the plate is very important. Before the dishes are served,the order of the plate should be checked; if necessary the plate should be arranged again.

. The beverages should be fresh; they should be served throughout the dining time; when the beverages on the table are consumed, they should be replenished before the guest asks for it.

. Service should be performed systematically, each and every item which are served should be written, there should be no mistakes in this procedure.

. The check to be given to the guest should be controlled again. It should be neat and tidy. The check should be handed in whoever asks for it, it should be presented in the pad so that the other guest/s at the table cannot see the check.

. While giving the check the service Professional should be very polite and thank the guest.

. When the guest would like to leave the table, his desk should be pulled up and they should be seen off in a friendly manner.

. While removing the dirty dishes and glasses from the table. The attendant should be quiet and take care of not dropping anything.

. From the moment when the guest enters the Restaurant until he leaves, all the service staff should use body language well.

. During the service, the guest should be adressed by using his name twice at least.

. A guest always would like to be treated with courtesy.

. The guest should be requested to fill in the assessment form before he leavs the table; the best time to ask the guest to do it is while he is waiting for the bill.

. All the staff should have their name tags.

. All the staff should obey the safety and hygiene rules. (They should pay utmost attention to their self care and body odour.) In addition, their uniforms should be complete, ironed, neat and tidy, their shoes should be polished.

. The waiter should have the necessary accessories (such as corkscrew, matches, a pen, a notepaper and captain order.).



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