Confidentiality At Hotels

otellerde gizlilik
otellerde gizlilik

Confidentiality At Hotels

When one of the guests who were staying at the hotel arrived at the reception, we got a shock. He was beaten so badly that we hardly recognized him. He was already wearing sunglasses in order not to be recognized. He had applied a plaster on his face to hide the nail marks and tried to cover the bite marks on his ear with a bandage. We kept quiet. We just waited for him to speak. He wanted us to check out. He did not say any other words. He made payment and left.

Then we learned that the guest’s girlfriend who wanted to give him a surprise for his birthday learned his room number secretly, arrived at the room without notice but was welcome by another lady instead of her boyfriend. This experience tought us alesson. The room number of a guest should never be reported to somebody else. If strangers are informed about the guests’ names, room numbers, how long they will stay, some cunning people might abuse this information. For example, they eat a the restaurant by using a guest’s name, sign the check and leave quietly. During the check out saying the signatures do not match so the check remains unpaid.

As hotel keepers, we have a tough job to do. We accommodate thousand of guests every month. We come across people from all walks of life. We are responsible for our guests from the moment they arrive at the hotel until they leave.

Nobody else has to know the room number of a guest, his room fee, his expenses and payments.

Any kind of information related to the hotel is confidential. The hotel personnel must not talk about the guests staying at the hotel, internal affairs, sales, sales policies, endorsement, occupancy, personnel salaries in no case. If they do so, they commit on illegal act.

It is not true to talk against your competitors. “Actions speak louder than words!” Each management performs operations in its own way. A guest has the right to prefer and we have to respect his preference.

When the guest comes to the hotel for another stay and if there is someone else with him, it is not right to talk to him about his previous stay/s. Some guests may feel un comfortable by your comments. Even if you clearly recognize the guest you should pretend not to know him or smile at him tenuously.

A hotel should be run in the strictest confidence. The relations with guests, agencies, firms should be maintained carefully. Price matters should never be discussed even on telephone conversations, they should be discussed in black and white. When someone calls and claims that he is calling from the agency you work with, you should always think as “how should I know he is telling the truth?”.

If the agency personnel comes with a customer, you should not talk to him about prices.

If a guest’s reservation has been made by means of an agency, it is not right to tell the guest about it since the guest will pay a different amount of Money. The guest should not know about the agency’s commission.

You should never ask the guest about his business. It is not your business.

Housekeeping, personnel, receptionists, service personnel at the restaurant witness many incidents for good or ill everyday. Curiousity is human natüre. Especially Turkish people are curious about strangers. It is a matter of culture. However, in business life we should behave professionally and keep what you see and hear to ourselves.