Hotel Safety Deposit Box Procedure

What is Hotel Safety Deposit Box?

The hotel safe is different from the hotel room safe. Usually there are safety deposit boxes in a room behind reception or close to that area. Although digital safes in wardrobes have been used in almost every room in all hotels in recent years. Guests may sometimes not be able to fit their valuables in these safes or be sure of the safety of such safes.

When the guests staying at the hotel like this, they also go to the hotel reception with the safe deposit method used in the past and ask for a bigger or safer safe to secure their valuables. The safes at the hotel reception have already been used, since only technology has changed, the safes have been uniquely designed for each room and put in the hotel rooms. Although some hotels remove safety deposit boxes at reception, guests still need them. My advice is to have a safety deposit box at the new hotel and the existing hotels. These crates are also used for items that do not fit in the room safe.

Hotel Safety Deposit Box Room How should it be?

There is a digital safe in every room, but we also said that there should be a safety deposit box at the reception, usually a room for safety deposit boxes is not strictly reserved but a camera is placed in front of the door is very important. The appearance of the safe is not ethically appropriate, but who entered the room, who opened it and subsequently closed it, is an important source of evidence for the hotel.

Form for Safety of Hotel Safety Deposit Box Operations

In this section, which we call the general safe, guests using the safe must be registered by filling out a form. Unless otherwise specified, that is, if the guest did not say “two people or the following names can use the safe”, only one person will use the safe and must present an identification whenever a safe is requested. Otherwise, a person who finds the key inside the hotel will want to open the safe of the key which he finds maliciously. Identity and signature control is essential. Whoever uses the safe opens it. It is not possible for anyone else to use it.

There are two keys in one of these safes, one is the so-called “public key” and the other is the normal key that will remain in the guest. It works if two switches enter the slot at the same time. One key does not open the safe.

In the meantime, each locker room must have a key cabinet. The guest must have a form in the form to be filled.

All cases must be checked from time to time. It should be checked whether it is full, empty or who is in use.

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The fee must be deducted from the guest when the safe key is lost. Information should be written on the form about the fee and how much it will be charged in case of loss.

When the safe is closed for use by the guest, the key is taken from the guest when the job is completed and the torn form tab is filed as stapled to the form that the guest has filled in before the key is put into the locker.

Guests are not disturbed when using a safety deposit box in the room safe. He is not talked about, he is not given anything and he is not monitored what he is doing;

All the locking is done in front of the guest’s eyes, a key is given to him.

The guest is shown when the safe is being given and the safe is empty and is also checked to ensure that the guest safe is emptied.

The safe key cabinet must be located near the safe.

hotel safety deposit boxes details information to hotel managers ;

If your hotel has a safety deposit box, one of your most important tasks is where the main keys and the spare keys of each safe are stored, whether they are missing. If there is a missing key and it has not been found before, it should be more careful and provided with a new safe key backup if necessary.

In addition, safe keys must be kept in a very secret place under the record of no one can reach completely. It is usually stored in the hotel’s principal cash register.

You can check the details you need to pay attention to while buying a room safe.

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