Office Cleaning Procedures in Hotels

Office Cleaning Procedures in Hotels

In the hospitality Industry, cleanliness is most often the primary indicator of how well your business is received by the customer. Hotel cleaning services plays a vital role in today’s hospitality market. For this reason, hotel housekeepers need to be trained on proper cleaning techniques. The objective of Office cleaning is to througly clean an Office setting to provide a comfortible, healthy and friendly working environment.

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  • When you enter the room, set the lights according to the standarts. If you notice any lights which does not work, draft a document and report it to technical department.


  • Wear gloves during cleaning at al times.


  • Put away the untidy furniture, bring the room in order.


  • Visually check the area for any debris or paper. Put these items up and dispose of them properly, empty the trash cans, replace garbage bags.


  • Dust all the surfaces, including desksi filing cabinets and shelves.


  • Wipe down desks, telephones, calculators and computer keyboards thoroughly using a liquid disinfectant with alcohol since these surfaces might host viruses.


  • Vacuum the carpets and the underneath of furniture.


  • If there are any spot sor stains on the carpets, floors, walls, furniture or baseboards, immediately wipe those up.


  • When you finish cleaning, give off a nice smell by using air conditioner.

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