Room Change Procedure At Hotels

Oda Değişikliği
Oda Room change


A room change request can ocur on different reasons. Front Office team should change the room as quickly as possible when a guest is dissatisfied with accommodations or finds defects that cannot be immediately corrected.

Some reasons for room change request from the guest might be:

·        A/C not working. (like this technical difficulties)

·        Room type allocated was not the room confirmed.

·        Water leakage in bathroom.

·        Noisy floor/Noise from adjacent room.

·        Guest wanted to stay on a higher category room.(upsell)

Never change the room without the guest’s permission. Always inform the guest the room change and ask him to pack his property. If his property is not packed, it is risky to change the room. State that the hotel will not be responsible for any losses or damages to their property.

If there is a set up prepared for the guest such as flower, fruit or wine move it to this new room.

If the guest’s property is not packed at least two individuals from staff should perform the room change operation.

Two of the following staff – a duty manager, a bellboy, a Security guard, a housekeeping Supervisor- can change the room.

Always check the room after the operation and be sure no properties belonging to the guest are left in the room since the new guest to use the room will feel            uncomfortable by them and think the room has not been cleaned.

State the room “dirty/used” in the system until the room change operation has been completed.

If it is a Front Desk with keys, maket he necessary arrangements in the key box. Erase the number of the changed room in the registration card and record the number of the new room. If there are any bills from the room change form.

Do not forget the guest’s name so that there will not be any confusion in coming mails. Notify the exact time and date of the room change operation to the next night shift personnel.

Attention! Try not to deliver the guest his old room’s key since it might be occupied by another guest.