Kitchen personnel who work in a busy atmosphere might fail to notice some important details. The last person who checks the dishes is the service personnel so he must be careful about the following issues:

. Do not serve food without using a tray,
. While walking with a full tray, do not look at the tray,
. Place the plates on the tray carefully
. Be sure there are no foreign matters in the dishes such as hair,
. Be sure there are no finger prints on the plates,
. The order and appearance of the dishes on the plates shoul be eye-pleasing,
. The dishes should smell nice,
. Be sure the fruit was washed properly and it is not rotten,
. If there is something wrong, take the dishes back to the kitchen immediately, make the necessary arrangements and servet he food without delay,
. Be careful at all times,
. If you work carefully and meticulously, you will be rewarded in return for your efforts.