Delivery of Guest Messages


Delivery of Guest Messages

The delivery of guest message is a very crucial and sensitive issue in a hotel. The shortcomings in this service might cause irreversible results which cannot be compensated later.

. Message slip is arranged at reception (Room number, name of the guest, the date and time of the message, the attendant who got the message should be written on the slip).

. Butlers will receive guest message/mail from the concierge (Bellboy).

. Butler will double check guest name and room number on the message/mail/fax to the guest. Butler will always knock on the door three times and announce himself.

. If guest is not in the room, butler will enter the room by using master key and place the message on the desk.

If guest room under DND, butler will place message under the door and push it until the entire envelope is inside the room. Guest will not be disturbed.

If the item is too big to be put the guest room butler will leave a message on the door. The standart message text format is as following:

“Kindly be informed that we have received your (urgent) message/fax/mail. Please Please notify us at your earliest convenience so that we could deliver it to your room right away.


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