The Responsibilities Of A Commis

The Responsibilities Of A Commis

Department        : Food & Beverages Department

Position               : Page/Commis/Demi Chef De Rang

Duties                  : To Assist yhe waiter before and after the dinner, to clean the tables and the Restaurant, ensures the Restaurant is clean and complete for the service.


Job Description:

. Arrives at work on time,

. Always wears a clean and tidy uniform,

. Is always friendly and helpful,

. Is always repectful towards his superiors,

. Cleans and organizes the servants, restocks the missing items,

. Cleans and polishes the service equipment including the service trolley,

. Cleans the menages, ketchup and mustard bottles, fills them up if necessary, places them on the table accordingly,

. Helps to arrange the table set up,

. Ensures that the servants are clean during the service, restocks the missing items,

. Places the dirty dishes and empty bottles into trays seperately and carries them

to dish washing area,

. Cleans all the chairs, tables and their legs; brings the dishes from the kitchen, serve the dishes himself if necessary,

. Carries the clean dishes to the buffet before and during the service,

. Picks up the dirty pieces of cloth and napkins, takes them to the laundry, gets the clean ones,

. Carries out all the tasks required,


Works Under          : The chef of the Restaurant, the waiter

Education                : Minimum high school and higher education

Foreign Language  : Basic knowledge of business English

Working Hours      : In Shift

Experience              : Minimum 2 years of experience



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