How to Establish a Boutique Hotel?

How to Establish a Boutique Hotel

Does the small hotel return profit after the concept has settled? If a boutique hotel or a small hotel with fewer than 20 rooms is not rented but belongs to you, if you can catch a high occupancy rate, you earn Money.

However, you have to be careful about the following issues:
. The number of the staff should not exceed a few; you should always be present at work,
. You should minimize the electricity, water and gas bills,
. You should not spend a great deal of money on investment cost; especially on decoration, furnishing, equipment and furniture,
. Your occupancy rate should be about 80 percent,
. If the building is rented, the rental fee should be low,
. You should do the shopping personally without applying an intermediary firm,
. You should do the laundry at minimum cost,
. You should check the Money accounts very carefully and plan for the following months, You should definitly know how much you will earn and how much you will spend or pay.

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