Responsibilities Of A Dishwasher

Department : Food & Beverages /Kitchen

Position        : Dish Washer

Duties           : To wash the dirty dishes brought to the kitchen, to keep the dish washing area and the kitchen clean and tidy


Job Description :

. Starts work at specified time,

. Always looks clean and tidy; wears a uniform,

. Cleans the kitchen before and after cooking, cleans the machines in the kitchen, does the daily maintenance, restocks the missing items,

. Stores the garbage and empties it,

. Is always disciplined, fast and hardworking,

. Assists his masters cooking when he has a chance,

. Performs his tasks during his shift, on time completely,

. Obeys the safety rules and hygienic measures while working,

. Helps carry the goods from the purchase department to the kitchen,

. Tries to keep the kitchen equipment in the right place well stacked, clean and tidy,

. Tries to keep the counters, cupboard and supply storage areas clean,

. Controls the kitchen for the last time and cleans the remains (if there are any) before the kitchen is closed,

. Helps carry the open buffet dishes for breakfast or dinner,

. Reports the troubles or missing supply to his superiors,

. Restocks the missing suuply from the store by command of his superiors.


Works Under         : The chef of the Kitchen

Education               : Primary school and higher education

Foreign Language : Insignificant

Working Hours      : In Shift

Experience              : Minimum 2 years