I started working at a time when there were rack systems in the reception. Turkish coffee was in pots for large tourist groups proceeds invoices were made out by hand and technology used to the sector in 1986.

Hotel workers were rare people who serve the smart and elegant ladies and gentlemen of Istanbul in a magical atmosphere and who were admire others.

In those years When there were not luxurious hotels as many as the number of the fingers of a hand, people used to wear their smartest clothes and accessories in order to eat or spend the night in hotels.

Tourists were the members of upper class who did not avoid spending money generously.

Now, it is 2013. It has been 26 years since I started working. Hotels, hotel workers, managers; as well as tourist profile, have all changed. Technology is involved in the sector with rapid changes, which is hard to keep up with. Doors which are opened by finger print or mobile phone, air conditioners which can be controlled by remote, lights, curtains, voice or image systems, marketing techniques which force the limits of brain and mind. Hotels are in the pursuit of innovations and technology. It is now much easier to reach and inform thousands of people by pressing a key.

Where am I in hotel management? I have never stopped. I have always searched, studied, followed, updated myself. I have trained, motivated, guided thousands of people so the sector has gained new workers. I designed this website to share my knowledge and experience with people who might be interested in working in hotel and restaurant management.