Qualities and Responsibilities of a Bellboy

A bellboy is a guest’s first impression of the hotel where he Works. Most bellboy jobs are a combination of customer service, spot cleaning, maintenance and concierge activities.


Qualities of A Good Bellboy


  • He is punctual, comes to work on time.
  • Wears a uniform, always looks clean and presentable.
  • İs particular about his personel care, smells nice, is always shaved, has uniform ironed, his shoes painted.
  • Should be always smiling, co-operative, friendly.
  • Should have good communication skills.
  • Opens the front door for guests.
  • Assists customers with their bags and luggage.
  • Greets the customers courteously.
  • Loads or unloads luggage from the guest’s vehicles.
  • Escorts guests to their hotel rooms.
  • Occasionally park and retrieve guest’svehicles.
  • Assists the customers with their needs.
  • Explains the hotel rules to the customers.
  • Shows the customers how to use the hotel facilities.
  • Ensures that all amenities, such as television or telephone, are operating properly.
  • Responds to bell calls from guests either from the rooms or from where they are.
  • If the guest requires to book a wake up call, the bellboy makes the call at the appropriate time.
  • Tracks documents in front Office, delivers the fax and phone messages to the respondents.
  • Delivers the reports of administrative staff, general manager, sales office and front office department.
  • Is familiar with check in, check out operations; can use switchboard, fax, key equipment, post machine, front Office equipment and helps front office.
  • Informs the guests who stays at the hotel about the opening and closing hours of the restaurant/s.


  • Helps room change operation.
  • Tracks guests’ baggage property and messages, prepares the required documents when it is necessary to keep them.
  • Keeps guests’ property in baggage room. He is responsible for the cleanliness, order and safety of the room.
  • Is sensitive about the safety of the hotel, reports his superior in case of disorder.
  • Ensures the flags of the hotel are raised at an appropriate time every day.
  • Receives guests’ clothes for laundry and returns them after laundry.
  • Tracks the groups coming in and going out, does the necessary planning and makes arrangements.
  • Tracks the occupancy rate of the rooms, the information about the room number of leaving and arriving guests.
  • Keeps the information related to guests confidental, protects guests’ privacy.
  • Reports the suspicious behaviours of guests or hotel personnel to his superior. Reports the missing or found belongings to housekeeping. Ensures all potential dangers were reported to the authorities.
  • Knows fire, bomb and emergency procedures of the hotel very well.




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