Responsibilities Of Head-Gardener

Department : Gardening

Position         : Head-Gardener

Duties             : To landscape the green areas and cares about the plants and trees


Job Description :

. Distributes the duties of gardeners, makes daily and weekly programs and supervises if they are carried out properly,

. Makes decisions about what kinds of plants and trees to purchase and plant,

. Determines the pesticide application time, gets the gardener/s applied pesticide, trains his personnel on the operation,

. Gets the equipment and stock counted periodically, gets them repaired and cleaned, decides the equipment to be purchased.

. Organizes the starting and finishing work times, working hours and supervises them,

. Trains the personnel who just start working,

. Controls all the green areas in the facility works for their improvement, designs projects,

. Follows the daily and weekly weather reports and gets the necessary measures taken,

. Reports troubles related to lightning; electrical, water or sewage installations to the related departments; is well-informed about the infrastructure plans of all these installations; writes a petition to the higher authority if there are modifications to be made.

. Studies any issues which might threaten human security such as hygienic and health issues; takes the necessary measures; reports to his superiors orally or in written in emergency cases,

. Follows the latest developments in his field; attends the fairs, seminars and organizations on behalf of the management when necessary,

. Co-operates with his superiors, exchanges ideas, reports them about what was done and what to do periodically.


Works Under         : House Keeper, The Manager

Education                 : University degree or equivalent vocational school

Foreign Language : Basic English in order to pronounce the plant names

Working Hours      : In The Morning

Experience                : Minimum 6 years