The Chef’s Duties And Responsibilities

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aşçının görevleri

Duties and Resposibilities of a Chef


  • Communicates and co-operates with F&B manager, purchasing manager, accounting manager and general director participate in budget studies,
  • Applies the purchase procedures of the management, coordinates planning, budgeting and purchasing for all the food operations within the hotel, purchases the optimum products at affordable price and checks the quality of raw and cooked food products to ensure that standarts are met,
  • Plans, directs and supervises all the activities of cooks and workers engaged in food preparation,
  • Trains the staff, demonstrates new cooking techniques and equipment to the staff,
  • Makes the necessary preparations and arrangements order the necessary products according to Restaurant booking requests,
  • Inspects supplies, equipment and work areas to ensure conformance to establish standards,
  • Orders food and other supplies needed to ensure efficient operation, follows the condition of products (freshness) and state of stocks,
  • Plans and develops recipes and menus, taking into account factors such as seasonal availibility of ingredients and the likely number of guests,
  • Replaces the less favoured dishes with more popular ones or develops new products,
  • Takes action against possible job accidents and provides Security,
  • Determines how food should be presented, checks all the food till the latest stage before service,
  • Determines production schedules and staff requirements necessary to ensure timely delivery of services,
  • Monitors sanitation practises to ensure that employees follow standards an regulations,
  • Analyzes recipes to assign prices to menü items based on food, laber and overhead costs,
  • Arranges equipment purchases and repairs,
  • Meets with costumers to discuss menus for special occasions such as wedding,
  • Meets with sales representatives in order to negotiate prices and order supplies,
  • Prepares and cooks food of all types, either on a regular basis or for special guests and functions,
  • Records production and operational data on specified forms.
  • Recruits and hires staff including cooks and kitchen workers, motivates his staff,
  • Works on the basis of Fifo or Lifo,
  • Follows gastronomic and technological developments.




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