Buffet Policy

Open buffet service is cost efficient since it brings down the food cost; fast, a good promotion for the hotels labor-saving, offers a wide range of dishes and facilities the kitchen’s job.

An open buffet ususally has soups, salads, warm starters, olive oil dishes, main course dishes(grilled meat, vegetable dishes, White and red meat dishes) pickles, desserts and cakes, soft and alcoholic beverages and bread. The chef is directly responsible for preparing all these dishes.

The responsibilities of a chef in an open buffet;

  • The entire food set up for all buffets,
  • The refill of the buffet food,
  • The set up of decorative items in order to maket he buffet more attractive,
  • A chef who is required to inspect set up, work at action stations, refill or close down the buffet must wear a hat and a clean uniform at all times,
  • A chef who Works on action statios must be able to explain the buffet items in English,
  • All food set-ups should be completed 15 minutes before the buffet opening time so that the pre-service briefing can be conducted,
  • All food tray, mirrors and platters shoul came from the kitchen free from fingerprints and smudges and should be double-checked by supervisors concerned (Stewarding, Kitchen, Restaurant Management and duty F&B Satff),
  • Food refills takes place until 15 minutes before closing o the buffet so that the presentation will remain up to standard,
  • Buffet inserts will be refilled in the kitchen or partry,
  • Buffet inserts that are returned to the kitchen should be washed and cleaned prior to being refilled and returned to the buffet.

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